What are my Rights to Contact with my Child until he/she has been adopted

6.4 What are my Rights to Contact with my Child until he/she has been adopted?

It may be that your child has been in the care of the Local Authority for some time, and that your contact has been reduced or stopped altogether by the Local Authority. One reason for doing this may be that the Local Authority want to “free the child for adoption”. If adoption goes ahead there will usually be a final face to face farewell visit. There is sometimes a commitment by the SSD to offer a Postbox service where it can forward birthday and Christmas cards to your child, and send you photographs of your child.

Your child can only be freed for adoption by Order of the Court.

The final Adoption Order will only be made by the Court.

It is worth checking with the Local Authority whether the placement with the prospective family did in fact go ahead or whether it broke down. If it broke down then there may be grounds for re-opening the question of your contact with your child, and of your continuing access to information concerning the child’s well being.

Members of the child’s extended family may also want to check whether they are entitled to contact with the child.

It has to be said that applying for contact with a child in care is not a straight forward matter, but is one that a Solicitor can advise you upon.

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