It is possible for grandparents to apply to the Court for the following

8.2 It is possible for grandparents to apply to the Court for:

(i) a Contact Order – (formerly an “Access Order”), this will confirm whether you can see your grandchild, and in some cases the day, time, and place, or

(ii) a Residence Order – (formerly a “Custody Order”) which will say with whom the child is to live. If you are granted a Residence Order you will share Parental Responsibility with the child’s mother (and perhaps the father) while the Order is in force. Parental Responsibility entitles you to access information about a child and make decisions for them.

You have no automatic right to make the application for contact or residence, unless the children have been living with you for a set time period ( your Solicitor can tell you about this). You will need to apply for the Court’s permission to make the application. This Application is known as an Application for “Leave”. If you are granted Leave then your Application proceeds as in the Summary of Procedure for Applications for contact and residence.

You may qualify for Public Funding (formerly Legal Aid). You should see your Solicitor to see if you qualify.

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8.3 – What if your grandchildren live with you?